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Ezgi Dönmezoğlu

I was born in Istanbul, Turkey in 1994. While I was completing the International Baccalaureate programme, I was also doing the Turkish National High School Diploma Programme at Eyüboğlu High School. During high school years, I have also joined volunteer organisations such as Best Buddies and Duke of Edinburgh’s Award that helped me to discover my passion for helping others and psychology.


Depression is constant state of mind where individuals feel blue and less motivated about life. This can also cause disruption in daily life activities such as general creativity, motivation and etc.
It important to recognise that, psychological illness such as depression has a significant effect on the immune and digestive systems which are the main reasons of physiological illnesses such as asthma, hearth diseases, cancer, diabetes or obesity.To find the courage to get through these obstacles and find a new way of observing yourself as well as life, it is highly recommended to get a professional help.

Panic Attack

Panic attacks are bodily reflections of our fears. It appears with sudden chest pain, raise of heartbeat, breathlessness. This is why many individuals who experience panic attacks think that they’re experiencing a heart attack when it is only a hallucination of the mind. Although it has a low chance of causing physiological damage to the body, individuals may think about the worst during the attack and the fear of experiencing the attack again may cause resistance in being the flow of life. It is important to acknowledge that this is an anxiety disorder and could be solved with appropriate treatment.

Anxiety Disorder

Feeling anxious is one of the most instinctual senses that has helped us to stay alive throughout history. However, when this feeling becomes overwhelming to a level that it affects our daily life in a negative way that leads to a life which lacks motivation, peace, balance and health then it is considered as a psychological disorder.
Anxiety disorder has many kinds such as phobias, social anxiety, obsessions and etc.
It is important to recognise that stress is the cause of many physiological illnesses and it can cause disruption in sleeping or eating patterns. Thus, if you’re experiencing symptoms mentioned in above it is advised to take professional help from a psychologist or a psychiatrist in order to maintain the balance between mind, body and soul.

Bipolar Affective Disorder

Individuals who experience this psychological disorder may be characterised by extreme mood states, or episodes, described as from manic or hypo-manic episodes (feeling high) to depressive episodes (feeling low). These episodes may last for several weeks or even months. Individuals might not even be aware of the change of their episodes because they may be ruled by their moods. In order to maintain balance and satisfactory life, it is advised to patients with bipolar disorder to seek counselling.

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